Capacitor Discharge Spot / Projection Resistance Welding Machines


  • Power Supply : 200V, 6kA
  • Maximum Energy : 3000 joule
  • Short Circuit Current : 50Ka

Three Current Control Modes:

  • Energy
  • Peak Current
  • Constant Current


  • Smaller footprint with cost - efficient compact design.
  • Weld current as high as 50kA, yet requiring only a small 6kVA and 200V power supply (a step-down transformer provided).
  • Unique selectable current control modes will enable !ne tuning of weld quality.
  • High current in short bursts allows minimum heat transfer and workpiece distortion.
  • Consistent welding during unstable power supply conditions.
  • Maximum energy output of 3,000 joule.
  • Consistent current feedback standard.
  • Ideal for welding small projection parts on high-strength steel.
Technical Specifications
Series name NDZ NDZ series
Weld controls CA 0 Capacitance discharge
Throat depth 4 400mm
Electrode force 6 6kN(Hornφ60)(Electrode holderφ25)(Electrodeφ16)
7 6kN(Hornφ70)(Electrode holderφ32)(Electrodeφ20)
8 6kN(Hornφ70)(Electrode holderφ32)(Electrodeφ16)
1 10kN(Hornφ70)(Electrode holderφ32)(Electrodeφ20)
A 10kN(Hornφ70)(Electrode holderφ32)(Electrodeφ16)
Stroke B Stroke 75mm
Application S Spot
N Nut
L With detect nutless and wrong nut
R For automatic cell
B Bolt
M With detect nutless and wrong bolt
T For automatic cell
Specification U Conforms to UL/CSA
Power source Y 200V±15% 50/60Hz
Revision A,B,C,D,・・・
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